6 Things We Learned from Isle Of Wight Festival 2017

David Guetta, Arcade Fire and Rod Stewart topped the bill.

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Isle of Wight Festival 2017 has been and gone, and let’s just say, we had a ball. Here are some key things we learned this year.

Island festivals offer a unique experience
A festival on a small island is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. You know that auspicious feeling when you walking into a festival? Well imagine that on steroids when you’re actually on a boat, leaving the mainland with your daily life behind. Plus water is always near by and lots of people dress like sailors because they actually are sailors. Also, island local types are above average in friendliness.

David Guetta throws the best party
He not only has 10 years of total chart bangers to play (10 years since his first UK number 1) but he is definitely up for partying too. He mixed in all the hits plus – and this is significant – a cannon, fire, fireworks, streamers and sometimes, all these things going off together.

Run DMC are better than you remember
So I remember these guys, but if I am honest, I probably haven’t listened to them since I was 18 and travelling on some trusty resort out east. Or in Australia. At Isle of Wight Festival, Run DMC proved they are the fathers of hip hop and really get the crowd going. Plus the lovely guys gave away one of their hats (after signing it) which is just cool.

Kaiser Chiefs are an ace festival band
It’s easy to dismiss some bands as lad-pop bumf until you find yourself screaming “Ruby! Ruby! Ruby!” at a nearby stranger. They’re energetic and have loads more hits and memorable lyrics than you would remember.

Arcade Fire have hours and hours of hits
You see them walk on, dance to all your favourite songs and suddenly about 3 hours have passed and there’s been zero filler. In fact, they didn’t play Rococo, but we’re not sure how they would have fit it in. Think about their setlists, they already need to include: Ready to Start, Reflektor, Neighbourhood 1 and 2, Rebellion, Here Comes The Night Time, No Cars Go, The Suburbs, Sprawl, Power Out, We Used to Wait, Crown of Love, Keep The Car Running, Laika

Feathers and hippie skirts are last year’s festival fashion
Isle Of Wight punters went out and SPARKLED in more sequins than Aladdin’s cave. The silverly, sparkly, shimmery, we’re all giant fish look was everywhere, and in the sunshine looked incredibly.

Thank you Isle of Wight Festival for another unforgettable weekend. Here’s until the next one.