Minimasters go to Six Day London

With Six Day London 2018 now on sale, we take a look back at Minimaster Eden's trip to this year's event.

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We sent Minimaster Eden and her family to the Lee Valley Velopark on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to watch Six Day London – the hottest cycling event around. Here’s how they got on!

On Sunday 29 October me, my Mum, Dad and sister went to see Six Day London the Lee Valley Velopark.

It was really beautiful inside the Velodrome and it was really exciting sitting in our seats so close to the track. The warm-up area was good and it looked so exciting. There was really good music playing too and there was a real party atmosphere to the event.

I loved watching the Men’s Sprint race because when all the men were warming up they were being really silly and they made everybody laugh while they were mucking about. They went really, really fast on the track – it was unbelievable!

We also all loved the Eliminator race – it was amazing, and we got so excited when more and more racers dropped out.

Matthew Rotherham from the Great British Cycling Team came to have a picture with me – it was a really nice surprise and really nice of him. I didn’t expect to meet anyone! He was really friendly and asked if we were enjoying all the races.

Eddie Dawkins, who is a champion sprinter from New Zealand, also came up to have a chat with us; he said it was his first time at the Six Day London too.

The Keirin race was so loud to watch and everyone was cheering along, but our team did amazing in it because they came second. It was a real shock because they had started at the back. I liked watching the Derny, a type of motorbike go round the track with the cyclists.

The Great British Cycling Team won lots of races and it was amazing watching them and cheering them on.

It was my first time ever being at a cycling event and I had an amazing experience, I would love to come again another time.

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