Updated: Minimasters go to see Wasps at Ricoh Arena

As part of an ongoing series, Minimaster Millie joins Katie and Imogen as our latest reporter for Wasps at the Ricoh Arena.

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Earlier this month Minimaster Millie went to see Wasps take on Leicester Tigers – find out what she got up to below!

Also below, Katie and Imogen’s write up of their family day out last month to see Wasps play Harlequins!

What did you go to see?

Millie. I went to see Wasps play Leicester Tigers and Wasps won the match, which was great and made it even more exciting!

Katie & Imogen. We went to see Wasps play Harlequins at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. We drove to the stadium and we were really excited to go there. We were supporting Wasps, so we really wanted them to win.

Photo: Richard Lane/Richard Lane Photography. Wasps v Leicester Tigers. Aviva Premiership. 02/12/2017. Mascots.

What did you do?

Millie. I also got to be mascot and held winger Christian Wade’s hand as we ran onto the pitch before the game started.

Katie & Imogen. When we got to the stadium we went straight to the Fan Village where there was an interactive area for kids to practice their rugby skills on an inflatable pitch, plus a tackle bag, passing area and a “test your reactions” game.

You could also practice your circus skills in the training area and there were face painters and stilt walkers too, which really made for a fun atmosphere.

A big screen was also showing other games before our match, so it was really cool to see other matches and experience the atmosphere in the ground.

Before we went to take our seats we went to the official shop which was really cool, and there were lots of things we wanted to buy. We were all given free Wasps flags to wave for the match too!

Who or what did you see?

Millie. It was amazing to see thousands of people looking at me and the other kids who were mascots on the day. It was really special to be on the pitch. I also met Ashley Johnson, Wasp’s captain, and the club mascot, Sting, and got to have a group picture with all the other kids who were mascots.

Katie & Imogen. Before the match started there were huge multi-coloured flames all around the pitch and we were all waving our flags and cheering when all the players came out.

We were really excited when we saw Nathan Hughes and Christian Wade, who are our favourite players.

What was your favourite thing about the event?

Millie. Running out onto the pitch with the players made me feel excited and joyful, but the match was amazing – especially as Wasps won.

Katie & Imogen. It was really exciting watching the rugby match and singing and dancing to the music every time Wasps scored. It was even better at the end because Wasps won too!

Photo: Richard Lane/Richard Lane Photography. Wasps v Leicester Tigers. Aviva Premiership. 02/12/2017. Mascots.

Why is this a great event for families?

Miillie. I think families should book tickets for a rugby match because every game is different and is a great family atmosphere and people of all ages can have a great time.

Imogen & Katie. Families would love a Wasps rugby match because it is really exciting and fun. Rugby is not just for boys, girls should go too! So we were really pleased to be able to see the match!

Everyone was really friendly at rugby so it doesn’t matter where you sit and it was really easy to get food and drink too.

We had an amazing day! Thanks Minimaster!

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