Minimasters go to Arenacross

Arenacross is back for 2018 so we catch up with Minimaster Toby who went to the show back in February.

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As it’s half-term, there’s no better time to get planning some awesome fun for the whole family! Here’s Toby’s review from the last Arenacross tour to get you excited for the 2018 tour!

Arenacross is an indoor motorcross racing tour that goes all over the country with world class riders. The dirt track is one of the toughest as it has numerous bumps, dramatic jumps and tight weaving turns!

When we arrived at Wembley Arena it was really exciting because there was a screen of dramatic fog and smoke with fluorescent lasers. When the countdown to the show finished the arena went pitch black and silent.

Then all you could hear was the revving of the eager freestylers bikes. Suddenly the whole arena was lit by flames exploding on the ramps, strobe lights going crazy and lasers whirling on the dirt track.

Out of nowhere a motor bike shot off the monumental ramp, spun in mid-air then darted down the rugged track. It was rapidly followed by nine other freestylers! This marked the start of Arenacross!

Music shook my seat and the motorbikes’ roars nearly deafened me!

Once I saw the freestyle riders doing whips, backflips and tricks 40 feet in the air, I knew they’d be my favourite act! The freestylers wowed the audience with a manoeuvre called The Train – they shot off the ramp into the air in such close succession that doing tricks with their bikes looked physically impossible! I was incredibly lucky to meet one of the Freestylers as he leapt off his bike and jumped over the safety fence into crowd!

The finale was a magical moment topping off an outstanding night of entertainment. The Arenacross winner burst through the finish line and there was an explosion of smoke and fireworks! To top it all off, the winners went to the podium and a confetti cannon went off showering them.

What a monumental end to a stunning event! Thanks Minimaster, I’d definitely recommend Arenacross!

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