Ticketmaster HQ

Ticketmaster hosts… ‘Physical Meets Digital’ panel

Last week, Ticketmaster partnered with General Assembly (@GA_London) and Brilliant Basics (@bbTellsAll) to host an event entitled ‘Digital meets Physical’ in our very own office pub, The Imperial.

Drew Eldridge (@dreweldridge) and Andrew Dunbar from Brilliant Basics joined Emily Hare (@em2345) and myself (@troysuda) for a panel discussion on the emergence of the  “Internet of Things” – the blurring of the physical and digital worlds: smart homes, consumer environments, mobile payment technology and wearable devices.

We had a great debate on how the physical world adapted to our digital upgrades.  And there was much discussion on how our life has been improved by the introduction of technology.  The panel had a very consistent view on how the value we place on new technology is largely influenced by the usefulness and utility – how much the new technology augments our life.

Attendees at the event were also treated to experiencing a variety of virtual reality devices, location-based apps, gestural interaction platforms, and wearable technology concept.  I had a lot of fun with a (nausea-inducing!) Oculus Rift… the digital experience did in fact have an impact on the physical!

At Ticketmaster, we’re passionate about making the discovery, planning, booking and live event attendance experience as digital and seamless as possible for our customers and clients.  The overwhelming majority of purchases made by our fans are via digital channels – whether that’s by desktop, tablet or mobile. Ticketmaster’s global network of sites make us one of the Top 10 largest E-Commerce companies in the world. So we’re super focused on making that experience even better for the millions of customers every year that choose Ticketmaster to experience the very best in live entertainment.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Technology industry event in London!