Ticketmaster HQ

Big News

Here’s how we are making things easier for fans

There have been some big changes here at Ticketmaster.

When fans next log into My Account they’ll see some brand new features. First up, fans now have the option to sell tickets directly on Ticketmaster with the click of a button.

Fans simply hit ‘sell’ on the tickets they can no longer use, and they’ll be put in front of millions of others to buy and go to the show in their place. When tickets are resold, we’ll cancel them and send new, unique ones to the fan who has bought them. That ensures that all tickets on Ticketmaster are 100% verified and fans will have no concerns about getting in at the door.

Next up, want to transfer tickets to friends? With just one click fans now can. If fans have bought digital tickets they can download them straight onto their mobile and transfer them over.

Tickets still coming the old-fashioned way (by post)? Want to know when they’ll arrive? Well, now fans will be able to see where they are in real-time right there in My Account.

Everything we do is about making the fan experience better. These changes have been designed and built to make it easier for fans to get into the shows they love.

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