Download 2023: the playlist

Our own curated playlist to last you until Download's mega 20th anniversary edition

Download Festival is a metal and hard rock mecca that for two decades now has pulled in hoardes of some of the most zealous fans in the world. What started as a two-day event in Donington Park soon grew to a three day monster with satelite editions in France, Australia, Germany and Japan. As it celebrates its twentieth year as a metal institution, this weekend the festival gears up for four full days (and five nights for the hardest of hardcore) with guests including Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon and two full sets from Metallica.

Such a monster of a festival deserves an equally mammoth playlist. Whether you’re at work warming up your sign of the horns from under your desk or packing the car with tinnies, wellies and sunscreen (yes, you’ll need all three) – enjoy three hours of handpicked heaviness.

Download Festival 2023 is now sold out, but limited re-sale tickets are available on some ticket types