Audi Presents Wilderness 2024: the alternative line-up

All the wackiest and most wonderful things going on away from the music stages at Wilderness '24

If you’ve ever been to a Wildnerness festival then you’ll know that the music is just the tip of the iceberg – which is impressive, when your headliners are Michael Kiwanuka, Faithless, Bicep and Jessie Ware. Peel back the top layer of the line-up and you’ll be greeted by chefs throwing banquets in the woods, yoga instructors leading sunrise classes by the lakes and clowning workshops for the whole family. Dig a little deeper than that, and who knows what you might find? We do. And we’re going to tell you.

The Cat’s Whiskers Cocktail and Cabaret Club

There’s plenty of wellness on offer over the weekend, but if you’re looking to step into the event’s decadent underbelly then look no further. This over-18s only event sees you entertained by a line-up of top cabaret, burlesque and circus performers, all whilst sipping on a curated series of cocktails from talented mixologists.

Pickling Like A Boss

Even if you’ve already pickled a time or two, say hello to the class that will turn you into a master preserver. You’ll be looking ahead to the end of summer, rifling through your remaining produce and transforming it from easily expirable to a long-lasting supply. If fermented gooseberries intrigue you, this is the event for you.

Reading Between The Wines

Bookseller and owner of Phlox Books Aimée Madill teams up with sommelier Bert Blaize to find the perfect book and wine pairings for readers in Wilderness’ pop-up bookshop. Grab yourself a romance and a rosé, some crime with a cabernet, or… other alterative pairings.

Sound Activation with Tim Wheater & Cherub

Masters of high-frequency Tim Wheater and Cherub are here to guide you through an unusual wellness journey. Their soundscape promises to “rebalance your mind, release tension in your body, strengthen your immune system and align you to the natural rhythms of the planet” – which is probably exactly what you’ll need after seeing Bicep.

Body Love Sketch Club

A life drawing class with a twist – you have a choice whether to be artist or model. Half art class, half self-love celebration, Body Love Sketch Club looks like it’s going to be a refreshing dose of positivity, and a whole lot of fun.

Releasing Your Sacred Rage

Rachael Morley, creator of the Heavy Emotional Release (HER) Method, guides you through a ceremony purportedly to help you release your rage. You’ll focus on breathwork, vibrational sound tools, primal noise and stomping, among others, as tools to help you release whatever emotions you’ve been holding onto. You may return from this weekend with an entirely new relationship to Slack.

Feather Fan Dance Workshop

Learn the art of the ostrich feather fan dance, first performed by Sally Rand in 1925. Burlesque performer Chrys Columbine shows you how to use the fans in your own performance – and how to tease off items as you go. Gloves and fans will be provided, so feel free to leave yours at home.

Nourished New Moon Circle

Described as a “gathering of women for women”, Telisha Webster’s Nourished New Moon Circle promises to help its participants reconnect to the rhythmic cycles that guide them and fill them with a renewed sense of purpose. Further details are hazy, which only makes it all the more intriguing.  

How To Not F*** Up Your Kids

Parenting expert and podcaster Kitty Hagenbach hosts not only a talk on how to not f*** up your kids, but also a workshop, where parents or those considering starting a family can develop their emotional intelligence and gain an understanding of how to give their children the best start in life. If you have children then the title alone might be enough to scare you into participating.

Alternative Miss Wilderness

An event born from the mind of Andrew Logan, who created the Alternative Miss World contest, this is a pageant celebrating all things wacky, wonderful and different. It’s become something of a fixture over the last six years and always boasts a fascinating lineup of contestants. Plus, if you don’t already have a ticket to the festival, an application to the pageant could be your in – apply here and if successful you’ll be sent tickets for yourself and a friend.

Bedlamoz Slinky

The stuff of both dreams and nightmares simultaneously? Experience the strange joy of watching a giant slinky walkabout, with mini shows popping up between them. There’s not much more we can say on this one. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Audi presents Wilderness comes to Cornbury Park on 1-4 August. Find tickets here.

Photo credits: Wilderness festival