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Look back at 2019

Relive the highlights of 2019, including albums, songs, live events, features, and interviews.

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Another year, and indeed a decade, draws to a close, and we here at Ticketmaster HQ are taking the time to look back on the last twelve months.

In a year that has seen records broken across the live scene, and welcomed an accomplished blend of established and emerging talent, there’s plenty to celebrate.

As in previous years, we are looking back at the albums and songs that soundtracked the year, as well as the live events that the Ticketmaster team have loved.

You can also explore the interviews and features that highlight some of the best in live entertainment from across 2019.

And of course, it’s not just about looking back. We’ve also handpicked ten artists set to make giant waves on the live circuit come 2020. There’s also some handy tips for New Year’s Eve, because every year should start with a party.

So as we head into the festive period, and as celebrations ramp up, here’s to 2019 and beyond.

The favourite live events of 2019

The best albums of 2019

Best albums of 2019

The best songs of 2019

Ticketmaster: New For 2020

New Year’s Eve Events 2019

New Year's Eve Guide

Here’s to 2020. See you next year.