The A-Z of Greg Davies 

Taskmaster, former Teacher and famously Tall stand-up Greg Davies has a major new Tour on the way, so we’ve written his complete A-Z. “T” was easy. The rest wasn’t.

A is for Awards

Starting out as part of the sketch troupe We Are Klang, Greg Davies won Best Breakthrough Comedy Artist for his very first solo show back in 2011 (Firing Cheeseballs At A Dog). A BAFTA followed in 2013, for his performance in BBC Three’s Cuckoo, as did one of the most glittering careers in British comedy.

B is for Brunel University

Back in his student days, Davies took a course in English and Drama at the prestigious London university. They’re so proud of him and his achievements, that he was presented with an honorary doctorate, making him a Doctor of Humanities in recognition of his distinguished career in the arts. Bravo!

C is for The Cleaner

Davies not only plays the lead role of ‘Wicky’ in this BBC series The Cleaner, but he also wrote the sitcom, that is based on a German show. Playing a crime-scene cleaner, Davies is joined by a stellar ensemble that features none other than Helena Bonham-Carter. It has proved to be popular with viewers, so much so, there’s currently a third season in the works.

The Cleaner: Trailer - BBC Trailers

D is for Drama 

Before entertaining the masses as a successful comedian and writer, Davies first crowds were significantly smaller – as he was a drama teacher, taking on the position for 13 years at a number of different secondary schools. 

E is for Extraordinarily tall

Greg Davies is six foot eight inches tall. And that’s probably not the last time we’re going to mention it… 

F is for Full Fat Legend

Greg Davies is heading back on the road in January of 2025 with his first tour in seven years, entitled Full Fat Legend, and it will be the biggest of his career to date. Running right through until October of next year, fans across the nation will have ample opportunity to see one of Britain’s best loved comics live on stage. 

G is for Graham Norton

One of our favourite Greg Davies moments came on the couch of The Graham Norton Show, where he told an anecdote about going to work, at school, wearing his mum’s knickers. Notable also for the reaction of Ryan Gosling sat besides him, who represented us all.

Ryan Gosling Can’t Cope With Greg Davies’ Ridiculous Story - The Graham Norton Show

H is for Hammersmith Apollo

The London venue has been home to many a great stand-up performance across the years, and it’s here we’ve seen Davies illuminate the stage and entertain the masses. It was even where his last Netflix special was recorded. 

I is for The Inbetweeners

Mr. Gilbert is one of the great sitcom character creations, in one of the great British sitcoms. It’s a role that is brought to life in emphatic fashion by Davies, playing a headteacher who has an unwavering disdain for his pupils. “There is nothing funny about testicles, Cooper, as you’ll discover tomorrow in my office” is one of the funniest lines, in a show that is full to the brim with them.

Mr Gilbert's Funniest Moments! | Best of The Inbetweeners | Series 1-3

J is for Jumping ability

Not sure if Greg Davies has ever played basketball, but we bet he’d be pretty good at it. 

K is for Kennington

The comedian lives in the South London area of Kennington. There’s a great curry house round there called Gandhi’s. We have no idea if Davies has ever been, but we hope that if reads this (hi Greg!) he feels inclined to try out their lamb bhuna. 

L is for Liz Kendall

Did you know that the comedian was in a long-term relationship with Labour MP Liz Kendall, between 2007 and 2015, before an amicable split? Because you do now. 

M is for Man Down

Man Down is a brilliant sitcom written by Davies, which first aired on Channel 4 in 2013, lasting four seasons, with a total of 26 episodes. Alongside the legend that is Rik Mayall, Davies takes on the lead role, of a drama teacher… Wonder where he got that inspiration from?

N is for North Wales

Gregory Daniel Davies was born on the 14 May 1968 in St. Asaph, Denbigshire in North Wales. This is about as much as we know about the comedian, who is renowned for keeping his private life, well, rather private. But he is Welsh, that much we do know. 

O is for One hundred and fifty two million

Is the staggering number of viewers who tuned in worldwide for The Royal Variety Performance that Davies hosted in 2018. That’s roughly the population of Wales, fifty times over. No pressure.

Greg Davies, Alex Horne & The Horne Section "My Nan, Your Nan" 2018 Royal Variety Show LYRIC VIDEO

P is for Panel shows

Like many a modern comedian to have cut their teeth on television, Davies has been a staple of the panel show circuit, with several hilarious showings on the likes of Would I Lie To You?Mock The Week and 8 Out Of 10 Cats, bringing his indelible wit – and great stories – to them all.

Q is for Quarter back

Not sure if Greg Davies has ever played American Football, but we bet he’d be pretty good at it.

R is for Rugby

On the subject of sport, Davies’ parents, who both resided in England at the time, drove across the border into Wales just ahead of his birth to ensure that the future comedian would be eligible to represent their national rugby team. Now there’s a vote of confidence. 

S is for Shropshire

Despite his Welsh birth, it’s the English county of Shropshire in the West Midlands that Davies calls home. Shropshire is home to the tallest Doric column in England, as well as the tallest stand-up comedian. 

T is for Taskmaster

Taskmaster is one of the great new comedy game shows in recent memory: a creatively inclined and often downright mad production that challenges its celebrity guests in ways you would never have expected. Greg Davies takes on the responsibility of being the titular ‘taskmaster’, balancing the tone of the show perfectly. 

Taskmaster | The Best of Greg Davies on Taskmaster

U is for Umpire

Taskmaster wouldn’t work if the aforementioned ruler didn’t have an assistant he could lean on and depend upon (and constantly make fun of). Which is where Alex Horne comes into play – who ultimately takes on the role of the umpire in each challenge. Only fair Horne gets a mention too here, as Taskmaster was his idea, after all. 

V is for Vertically impressive

Yes, we know, we know, we’ve mentioned it already. But you try coming up with something else beginning with V.

W is for Who Do You Think You Are?

Davies took part in the BBC series Who Do You Think You Are? where celebrities are gifted the opportunity to learn about their family history and heritage. His episode brought out quite the revelation, as it transpires that he’s descended from royalty, able to trace back his family to the first Prince of Wales, Owain Gwynedd.

X is for eXtra dates

No excuse not to catch Full Fat Legend when it starts in January – now booking through to October 2025 and stopping all over the UK. 

is for You Magnificent Beast

Greg Davies’ very first Netflix special is entitled You Magnificent Beast, and remains his funniest stand-up to date. With hilarious (and sometimes humiliating) anecdotes, and at times quite profound self-reflection, this is masterful exercise in comedy cemented Davies as one of the very best working today. 

Z is for Buzzcocks

Look, Buzzcocks has two Z’s in it – so it’s the best we could come up with. Davies took over the treasured throne of the hugely popular music-themed panel show Nevermind the Buzzcocks, following in the footsteps of Mark Lamarr and Simon Amstell. He’s slightly less rude to his guests, but only slightly. 

Greg Davies RIPS His Guests Apart 🔥 | Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Greg Davis brings Full Fat Legend to stages throughout UK and Ireland in 2025. Find tickets here.