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How to prepare for Swiftogeddon

Swiftogeddon is nigh. Here’s everything you need to know about the nation’s favourite Taylor Swift club night

We know you’re curious about Swiftogeddon. Whether you’re an avid Taylor Swift fan or the friend, partner or close relative of an avid Taylor Swift fan (because everyone is one of those things) then you’ve probably heard about the club event that tours the country to play all Taylor, all night. Keen to know more? Here’s our list of things you should know before you head to Swiftogeddon.

1. Go on a Taylor cleanse

Listen, if we can’t prise Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) out of your hands for a couple of weeks, that’s fair enough. But a night of all Taylor is made even more special when you’ve spent the run-up Taylor-free. Try keeping her off your playlists in the days before so that you have even more reason to celebrate when you hear the opening riff of ‘Picture To Burn’.

2. Be ready for deep cuts

Oh, you know every track on every album? That’s cute. Do you know Taylor’s contribution to the Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack? Or the unreleased debut reject ‘I’d Lie?’ Get it together.


3. Equally, casual fans are welcome

There are no tests for entry, and no-one in the venue is going to shoot you a dirty look for not having the ‘All Too Well’ bridge memorised. Even if your only Taylor touchstone is ‘Shake It Off’, the Swiftogeddon atmosphere is infectious.

4. Don’t be afraid to go alone

Whilst a normal club night might not make for an optimal solo date, a Swiftogeddon is about the friendliest night out around. If the group chat can’t get organised in time, why not take the leap and book for yourself?

5. Wear your friendship bracelets

Just as a puppy isn’t just for Christmas, a friendship bracelet isn’t just for the Eras tour. Feel free to go along in all your creations, or even make more (just use eco-friendly beads please!).

6. Remember: overdressing is impossible

You’d like to wear a ballgown? What a fantastic ‘Enchanted’ reference. Go right ahead.

7. Embarrassment is not an option

There are places in the world where cool matters, and this is not one of them. Act out every lyric. Scream-sing to ‘The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived’. Take inspiration from the dances you’d perform with your primary school friends to beg your parents for sleepovers. Or be cool, if you want to. No one’s judging either way.

8. Let it all go

Cast off the work stress, the relationship drama, or whatever else, and just sing along. There’s nothing like Swiftogeddon for that.


Swiftogeddon The Taylor Swift Club Night is currently touring the country. Find tickets here