Witches, zombies and ghouls oh my: frighteningly quick fixes for Halloween emergencies

Having a last minute Halloween outfit panic? The Remotely Fashion Blogmasters are here to help.

It’s Halloween and it may well be getting to the point where you’re thinking about cutting eye holes into a sheet in a last, desperate attempt to create a costume. But before you desecrate your favourite bed linen, pause and take stock of your wardrobe for a moment because the answer may just lie within.

Remotely Fashion’s quick costume fixes

A white collared dress, plaited hair and an unimpressed expression and you’re Wednesday Addams.


Dress – Ted Baker, Purse –, Boots – ASOS


What’s scarier than an unnerving whistle? Go as Omar Little, who is basically the Robin Hood of The Wire with a pair of sawn-off shotguns instead of a bow and arrow. The whole look is just a trench coat, pair of baggy jeans and du-rag away.

Jacket – Barbour, Du-rag Jeans – River Island T –shirt – River Island  Trainers – Air Force Ones by Nike

Jacket – Barbour, Du-rag –, Jeans – River Island, T-shirt – River Island, Trainers – Air Force Ones by Nike

Black disco pants, an off the shoulder top and a slick of red lippy makes you Grease’s Sandy, the original good girl gone bad. Cigarette optional.

Heels – Topshop Disco Pants – Topshop Top – River Island Hoops - ASOS Lipstick – Barry M

Heels – Topshop, Disco Pants – Topshop, Top – River Island, Hoops – ASOS, Lipstick – Barry M

What’s Sandy without her Danny? With a biker jacket, skinny jeans, a plain tee and that all-important comb you’re Grease Lightning. Danny and Sandy should have zombie make-up, obviously.

Jacket – River Island Jeans – River Island T shirt – Jack and Jones Trainers – Vans

Jacket – River Island, Jeans – River Island, T shirt – Jack and Jones, Trainers – Vans


Go all out this year with some spectacular Halloween make-up

Entirely bereft of thought or imagination, the lazy girl will always dress as a witch this Halloween.

Reaching blindly for the black cape and wart make-up, she is clearly yet to see Wicked the musical, which shows you what a real witch looks like (well, as real as it can be in the context of yellow brick roads, cowardly lions and emerald green cities).


Unfortunate nose and an all black ensemble? There is so much more to a witch than that!

Unless you’re going to have the decency to dress as either Elphaba or Gaaarlinda, we say, leave your cape at the door and instead try something new this year. No, that does not mean that you should dress up as a sexy [insert name of profession/animal/inanimate object] something this Halloween, we are firm believers that costumes should be scary not slutty.

If you’re stuck for ideas, the fantastic costumer Angels has its very own Halloween Hub and on there are some pretty wicked (yes that was deliberate) make-up tutorials, from which we have learned the following:

Wear pretty much anything with zombie make-up you’ll look spooktacular

Easy ZOMBIE Halloween Makeup that ANYONE can do!! Affordable & Awesome!

Dress in all black and paint your face like a pumpkin, after all there’s nothing more petrifying than floating vegetables.

Halloween - Pumpkin Make Up Tutorial

With horrifying doll make-up, a cute dress and a pair of Maryjane heels you can be the creepiest girl at the party. Rejoice! It’s the one time of year when that’s a good thing.

Psycho Doll ..... Halloween Makeup tutorial.

If you’re still still set on being a witch this Halloween, see how the pros do it, with tickets to Wicked, here.