Watch Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare tell us more over a game of beer pong

Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare is now running at London’s Leicester Square Theatre.

The concept is simple. Imagine you’re watching a well-rehearsed and delivered Shakespeare play, when all of a sudden one of the cast members appears to have had a little too much in the pre-show bar. Queue on-stage drunken antics, and unpredictable hilarity. And that’s Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare.

Each night, one deliberately drunk cast member is let loose on stage, either attempting to follow or derail the play. Each performance is different and uniquely funny. The cast members recall tales of electric drills, impromptu toilet breaks, and unexpected horses.

To get a feel for the show, and because we all like a bit of fun, we invited four key cast members to the office to compete in a game of beer-pong. While they were at it, we asked them questions about the show, and tested their Shakespeare knowledge.

Watch how it all unfolded below:

Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare Play Beer Pong at Ticketmaster HQ

Want in on the fun? Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare runs until the 15 June 2017, with tickets available now through