Video: Minimasters learn how to rawwk with the cast of School of Rock

We sent Mia and Max down to the West End to learn some tips from the cast of School of Rock the Musical.

Our Minimasters met up with young cast members Jake Slack and Lucy Simmonds to chat about the show, and to learn some of the moves that put the rock in School of Rock.

Check out what happened in our video below:

Minimasters learn how to rawwk with the cast of School of Rock

Max and Mia also headed to the show to see the cast in action. Here’s what they made of their experience:

“We were so excited to be swapping an afternoon at our village school for the School of Rock instead!

Before the show we interviewed Jake Slack, who plays Zack and Lucy Simmonds, who plays Summer.

They taught us one of the dances from the show, which was really fun. We also learnt how to be rock stars – playing electric guitars and jumping off the stage. We loved rocking out!

We had great seats in the theatre and the show was amazing. All the children looked like they were having fun. The best part was the final scene when all the children sang in the band. They played their own instruments and were very talented.

David Fynn plays the main character, Dewey Finn, who gets thrown out of a rock band and becomes a substitute teacher at a posh school.

He doesn’t know how to teach so instead he makes the kids into a rock band and they perform in a Battle of the Bands competition. David was very funny and made everyone laugh.

The set is very clever, with great scenery and a revolving stage. Some of the actors come into audience which really made us feel like we were part of the show.

We loved the show and would recommend it to other families. We give School of Rock five stars!”

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