Time to say eh oh to Teletubbies Live

The classic children's TV show is heading on a UK theatre tour.

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Introduce the little ones to the wonderful world of theatre at Teletubbies Live which is currently on tour across the UK until Sunday 7 October 2018.

Explore the magical world of Teletubbyland with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po as they head on the road on their first theatre show.

From naughty Noo Noo to the iconic Sun Baby, the Tubby phone, Tubby custard and Tubby toast, this magical show brings the TV series to life on stage in a bright, fun and safe world and has all the items that your child will recognise, know and love.

The show has been created and adapted for the stage by Richard Lewis, who is also the mastermind of the successful Peppa Pig live shows. It will feature brand new songs for the kids to join in and sing along to written by BAFTA Award-winning Mani Svarvarasson.

Teletubbies Production Shot

The Teletubbies first captured the imagination of young children when it hit the children’s TV channels in 1997 and ran for four successful years, spawning magazines, clothing and toys.

Even though the original series ended in 2001, a whole new generation of kids are enjoying the Teletubbies as in 2014, 60 new episodes were ordered. Both the new series and reruns of the original series are shown on CBeebies in the UK.

What’s different about the two series is the introduction of Tiddlytubbies – baby Teletubbies who go by the names of Mi-Mi, Daa Daa, Baa, Ping, RuRu, Nin, Duggle Dee and Umby Pumby.

Teletubbies Live vox pops

Teletubbies Live is on tour until October 2018. Remaining tickets for Teletubbies Live can are available through