Review: Ross Noble’s Brain Dump at Richmond Theatre

Comedian Ross Noble presents a frantic insight into his unique mind with Brain Dump.

Just how much of Ross Noble’s latest stand-up laugh-fest is scripted is anyone’s guess. As he digresses from tales of angry cinema antics to a particularly surreal take on the nation’s treasure Bruce Forsyth, his words shoot out with reckless abandon.

Fittingly, Brain Dump is built around his unique thought tangents. The flow is deliberately jarring yet effortlessly smooth. He catches himself on occasion, returning to the original point with great comedic timing. By that time his anecdote has evolved way beyond its original telling, like an unstoppable snowball picking up more laughs as it rolls.

And that’s when he’s not taking cues from his enthralled audience. Although being adamant that he is not an observational comedian, avoiding his sight is impossible. Watching on, tonight’s punters are his biggest muses, and everyone is fair game.

This unpredictability drives the show forward. As Noble jokes he can always tell who bought the tickets and who is being dragged along, by the end of Brain Dump it is impossible to distinguish between the two. His quirky humour wins everyone over.

It’s impossible not to get caught up in his world, a frantically changing surrealist whirlwind grounded by genuine insights. On Brain Dump, Ross Noble opens his mind wide open and welcomes in the unsuspecting crowd, and hosts a brilliantly funny trip you won’t soon forget.

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