Review: Michael McIntyre is Happy & Glorious at The O2, London

Michael McIntyre is without doubt one of the most successful comedians in the UK right now.

So when I got a chance to catch him on his latest tour, Happy & Glorious, at The O2 this weekend, I was just a little excited.

After seeing him on TV countless times, I wondered what to expect live, but I didn’t leave disappointed. In fact, my face was undeniably hurting from all the laughing by the end!

As soon as the show begins, it’s clear how his energy fills an entire arena. Bouncing across the stage in signature fashion, he details stories of travelling abroad and how his wife looks while she sleeps (he tells us he has her permission to tell that joke, phew).

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Throughout the show we learn some very important life skills; like how to keep kids quiet with Calpol and how to scare a burglar with a Scottish accent. We also discover a bit about the man himself, as Michael reveals that he walks on his toes without orthotic insoles, and has “upside down legs”.

It’s his observations about Brits abroad that truly hit the comedy spot though. From the race off the plane, to fearing the temperature of the swimming pool, the whole audience are howling with bellyache levels of laughter.  

From there, he tells how his recent move to the country isn’t all picturesque views and bliss; not when you have the pitch black and nocturnal wildlife to deal with. 

If you want to know more about Michael McIntyre’s daily challenges (the ones you can no doubt relate to) then a night of Happy & Glorious is just the ticket. 

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Words: Adel Hanily