Review: Lee Nelson – Suited & Booted

This review was originally published as part of The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015: Ticketmaster live blog.

As the show title suggests, the Lee Nelson we have before us is one with a sharp new image. Suited & Booted, indeed he is.

Gone is the cap and scruffy sportswear, in comes the fitted tailoring and polished shoes.

The hour-long show [Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015] focuses heavily on audience participation, as the London comedian works his set around the various ‘legends’ in the room; shining light on the mixed crowd he’s pulled in.

There are families, whose teenage boys are left cringing from Nelson’s valiant finger-pointing; the lovebirds, who anxiously respond to the comedian’s probes while attempting to stumble over the punch line in the most painless fashion; and there’s OAPs, who revel fearlessly under pressure.

With topics turning from family life and fatherhood, to politics and religion, there are plenty of personal moments to soften the risqué anecdotes we’ve come to expect from Nelson.

It’s smart and timed to precision; with the occasional side glance leaving Nelson arguably more vulnerable than on TV.

Lee Nelson – Suited & Booted stops in the UK throughout February, March and April, book now at