Review: Smells like tween spirit – School of Rock: The Musical

Last week, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s newest masterpiece School of Rock: The Musical opened at the New London Theatre and attending school has never been this much fun.

Remember that 2003 movie with Jack Black about a failed-rockstar dropout named Dewey who steals his friend’s identity to take on a substitute teaching role at the prestegious Horace Green Prep School? As Dewey slowly discovers the musical talent of his students, he turns them into a rock band and sets out to win the the Battle Of The Bands. Hired by strict headmistress Rosalie Mullins, free-loading slob Dewey turns a class of straight-A students into a rock’n’roll whirlwind of fun after he hears them practicing their instruments in music class alongside Miss Mullin’s rendition of the Queen of the Night’s aria.

With endearing enthusiasm Dewey assigns each student a task as part of the band: Lead singers, back-up singers, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, but also a band manager, costume designer, and more. And don’t be fooled, these kids all play their instruments live on stage. Combined with the putting on of American accents and the intense dance choreography (there’s a LOT of rebellious jumping involved), impressive is an understatement.


But School of Rock is not just a chaotic-wannabe-led group of rebel students who want to stick it to the man. The musical tugs at everyone’s heartstrings with the stories behind the talent. The children’s delivery of If Only You Would Listen portays a more serious side of the elite school system and its parents, and the show only turns even more heart-warming in its reprise when the students beg Dewey to join them for Battle Of The Bands with Only You Would Listen.

Throughout the show the cast are continuously urged to “stick it to the man”. The catchy tune can be heard even after the show is finished when the audience sings and dances their way out the New London theatre.

With music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Glenn Slater, School of Rock is the new firecracker in the West End and sure to be a family favourite.

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