Review: Don Juan in Soho at the Wyndham’s Theatre

Don Juan in Soho dazzles, delights and shocks in London’s West End.

Ten years since Don Juan in Soho premiered at the Donmar Warehouse Theatre in London, it reaches the West End led by terrific turns by David Tennant, Adrian Scarborough, and Gawn Grainger, joined by a multi-skilled ensemble cast.

Depicting the highly sexualised exploits of insatiable Lothario DJ, played by an equally threatening and reluctantly likable Tennant, the production throws the audience deep into his sordid lifestyle. Enabled by the weak-willed yet similarly amiable Stan (Adrian Scarborough in hilarious form), our protagonist sways from one woman to the next in his unashamedly selfish search for instant gratification.

Tennant dazzles with complex personality, injecting real substance into an otherwise shallow character. He plays Patrick Marber’s truly excellent script with ease, inciting the occasional approving round of applause during his epic rants about the state of modern society. The eventual standing ovation is secured very early on.

Yet it’s the double act with Scarborough (The King’s Speech, Gavin & Stacey) that provides the biggest laughs, and the most emotional scenes. Here Don Juan in Soho balances comedy with tragedy perfectly, allowing the title character to slightly unravel, enough to showcase a necessary vulnerability.

It never shies away from shocking laughs, yet immediately punches through with a notable poignancy. Stylistic surprises, from the hedonistic scene changes to a particular grandiose moment in the second act, inject a further sense of debauchery and mystery.

Don Juan in Soho is absolutely brilliant. Filthy, poignant and beautiful, it is led by a wonderful cast and some exciting stylistic surprises.

Don Juan in Soho runs until the 10 June 2017 at Wyndham’s Theatre in London’s West End. Remaining tickets are available now through