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Photos: Minimasters go behind-the-scenes at The Mousetrap

What happens when you send Minimasters off to interview the stars of The Mousetrap? They challenge them to a game of Cluedo, of course.

Here are the behind-the-scenes snaps of what happened when Minimasters Katie and Amelia O’Toole (along with mum and dad, Ed and Donna) took to the St Martin’s stage with one mission, to beat The Mousetrap stars at their own game; solving crimes.

Cast members Jocasta King (Miss Casewell), Emma Deegan (Mollie Ralston) and Clive Marlowe (Mr Paravacini understudy) certainly had their work cut out…

Photos: Jessica Bridgeman

The Mousetrap is now the world’s longest running show, having first transferred to St Martin’s Theatre in March 1974.

Check back soon to find out what our Minimasters thought of the show, plus we’ll have their exclusive interview with the cast.

You can book tickets for Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap now at Ticketmaster.co.uk.