All you need to know about Finding My Voice

Kathleen Turner's one-woman show flies into London to rave reviews.

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Lending her trademark husky alto to classic tunes from the American songbook, two-time Golden Globe winner and Hollywood superstar Kathleen Turner takes to the stage for a unique evening of songs and storytelling.

The star – who voiced cartoon heartthrob Jessica Rabbit and guest-starred as Chandler’s Dad in TV sitcom Friends – offers a deeply personal account that looks back on her 40-year-long career as an actress on both stage and screen, as well as on her personal life from childhood to motherhood.

What happens in Finding My Voice?

Straddling the worlds of cabaret and monologue, Finding My Voice delves into Turner’s vast experiences in Hollywood.

Exploring her hair-raising times on the set of hit films like Body Heat and Romancing the Stone, it also sheds light on more personal issues that have impacted her life and career – her looks, her outspoken attitude, her loving relationship with her daughter, and her political views in Trump’s America.

What can audiences can expect?

Turner’s wonderful stories are interspersed with songs hand-picked by her own Musical Director Mark Janas (who joins her onstage). The overall effect is a complementary narrative – she shines when she tells stories, ripping through anecdotes with the same ballsy, no-nonsense attitude that has defined her career; the songs are more gentle, touching in tone and offer new meaning to the lyrics because of the way they’re laced together with her tales – which are all funny, cheeky, quick-witted and clever.

It’s quite something (although not altogether surprising) that Turner is able to command the stage in the way she does for the two hours the show runs for.

What are the critics saying?

“A defiant one-woman show… Exquisite!” ★★★★ – The Times
“Hollywood legend mixes the poignant with the political… it’s a blast” ★★★★ – The Telegraph
“A triumphant roar from Hollywood royalty… She is magnificent” – The Guardian
“Brilliant storytelling… Kathleen Turner is an instinctive performer” – The Stage

What else do I need to know?

With just two weeks left in its run, Kathleen Turner’s Finding My Voice offers a unique opportunity to see a bona fide stage and screen legend live. The Other Palace’s modest space is enough to provides a slightly intimate setting, which adds to the appeal and sensibilities of Turner’s show.
At times inspirational, consummately charismatic, Finding My Voice is a storytelling masterclass and well worth experiencing for yourself.

Kathleen Turner: Finding My Voice runs until Sunday 6 May at The Other Palace in London. Find tickets now via