All you need to know about Circolombia

The Latin circus troupe is wowing audiences at Underbelly Festival with their brawn and brazen energy.

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Circolumia is back! Last year, the modern day circus troupe garnered rave reviews in Edinburgh with their explosive show Acéléré, and now they’ve taken up residence at London’s South Bank until 14 July.

Packed with power and jaw-dropping feats, Circolumbia’s performances at the Underbelly Festival also feature edgy singing and street-style dancing, all of which combine for an evening that’s sure to blow your mind.

What is Circolumbia?

This is no ordinary circus troupe. Hailing from Bogota, Columbia, Circolombia celebrates diversity in a raw, stripped down circus perfectly suited for the 21st century. Set on a bare stage, you’ll be amazed by these 14 performers – their voices, dance moves and gravity-defying acrobatics. They take terrifying risks right before your eyes…if you dare to keep them open.

Circolombia at Underbelly Festival Southbank


Who stars in Circolumbia?

Circolombia is made up of the best performers from the Colombian national circus school Circo Para Todos, which means “circus for all”. This school provides opportunities for the country’s disadvantaged youth through circus training.

Founded in 2006, Circolombia produces Latin-style shows filled with infectious energy – including Urban and Acéléré – that tour the world with support from the Colombian Ministry of Culture and the Colombian Embassy.

What can audiences expect?

Don’t be misled by the empty stage. With Circolombia, what seems minimalist in style is utterly captivating – from start to finish.

When this troupe of 14 enter the Belly Theatre, they instantly fill it with their strength and exuberance. They rap, “See us, hear us, feel us…boom! People are you ready? Circolombia’s in the room!” And indeed, you can see, hear and feel an electricity in the atmosphere as their words echo all around you.

Dressed in ripped jeans, shorts, trainers or no shoes at all, you can’t miss the message that this is not your traditional circus. Circolombia’s street-like performers all have sinewy muscles and bust dance moves popping with funk. Dubbed a “circus concert”, the show quickly evolves to include incredible tumbling, stunning contortion and acrobatic feats that will take your breath away.

Performers jump on each other’s hands or shoulders as well as spin high above you from ropes or other crazy contraptions. Our favourite moments were the ones that are scary to watch. For example, two performers hung from the ceiling joined together with only a strap that they clung to by their teeth! Another amazing act showcased a strong young man balancing a giant metal ring on his forehead while a daring woman adeptly maneuvered herself into all sorts of precarious positions.

So be sure you stretch your neck before the show begins because you’ll be looking up a lot. And don’t even think about blinking. With Circolombia, bodies go flying and falling – often when you least expect it – and, as is emblematic of the show, they often land with a boom!

What are the critics saying?

“An adrenalin-fuelled mix of strength, skill and daring, a great night out.” ★★★★ – Time Out

“These audacious artistes both blow the mind and stir the heart.” – Sunday Express

“A sexy tangle of muscular limbs” ★★★★ – Evening Standard

“This is the circus performance that shows others how it’s done. Go.” ★★★★★ – The Scotsman

What else do I need to know?

Circolumbia is performing at the Underbelly Festival Southbank in the Belly Theatre until 14 July 2018. The show is suitable for all ages.

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