The Moscow State Circus: the greatest circus on earth!

Having never been to a circus during my childhood, I recently had the opportunity to take my own children to the Moscow State Circus, when it recently visited our home town of Taunton in Somerset.

On arrival we grabbed ourselves the obligatory hot dog, popcorn and fizzy cola, took our seats (ring side no less) and sat eagerly awaiting the show.


First up was Superstar Clown (not the creepy kind) Val Defun, who came stumbling on stage with his ladder, knocking over a renaissance statue and generally fooling around in the usual slapstick manner, much to the children’s amusement.

Circus new

Vlad Khvostik the hand balancer was simply fabulous with his exquisite balancing tricks, the way he managed to bend and twist his spine whilst balancing on two posts was mind-blowing.

The rest of the two hour extravaganza flew by (pardon the pun) with the Flying Trapeze of Alievs White Birds, the revolving beauties on the aerial ring, the graceful aerial skills of Tatiana Goncharova and finished up with a revolving Russian Swing, catapulting the troupe high into the summit of the big top at top speed.


We all held our breath whilst watching the roller skating Veslovskis, who also put on a Kozak whip crackers performance, which left us all peeking through our fingers.

If you’re looking for some good honest family fun, then you’ve got it all right here, we could see why it’s branded the greatest and most famous circus on earth!