Minimasters tell us EXACTLY what they thought of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Minimasters Darcey, 6, and Zachary, 8, report from the West End as they visit Theatre Royal Drury Lane to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the first time.

Here’s what the excitable twosome had to say before they show…

Hi guys! Have you been to the theatre before?

Darcey: “Yes, I’ve been to see Matilda and Coppélia the ballet.”

Zach: “I’ve been to the panto at Christmas.”

How do you feel about going to the theatre tonight?

Darcey: “Very excited, my mummy is driving us to London and then we’re going to meet my dad and go for dinner.”

[In fact dad got stuck on the tube and we set a world record for the fastest pre-theatre meal in history. In and out, family fed in 20 minutes!]


What do you know about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory already?

Darcey: “Well, Charlie goes to a big chocolate factory. He wins a golden ticket to get in. Then he wins the chocolate factory.”

Zachary: “Its Willy Wonka’s factory”

Who do you think will be your favourite person on the stage?

Darcey: “Probably the bubble gum girl.”

What do you think will be on the stage when you go in?

Darcey: “Probably a rubbish dump because Charlie’s family are quite poor. They’re not posh like some of the other families.”

Zachary: “Maybe Willy Wonka’s factory?”


And here’s what they thought AFTER the show… *contains spoilers*

What was your favourite part of the show?

Zachary: “When Charlie’s Dad pedals a bike to make the TV work and then people appear inside it!”

Darcey “When Willy Wonka disappears at the end because I like the magic.”

Darcey’s Dad: “You can’t say that, that’s called a ‘spoiler’ because you would spoil the surprise for other people who haven’t seen it…”

Darcey: “But I haven’t said how he disappeared!”

Darcey’s Dad: “Well how does he disappear?”

Darcey “Magic!”

Who was your favourite character?

Darcey: “I liked Violet the bubble gum girl. She was a cool rapper.”

Zachary: “I liked the oompa loompas, they were really funny when they were dancing.”

What was your favourite room in the factory?

Darcey: “The room with the chocolate river where you could eat everything! YUM!”

Zachary: “The one with the squirrels! ‘BAD NUT, BAD NUT, BAD NUT!”


If you could invent a chocolate bar, what would it be?

Darcey: “Bouncing Beetroot Balls. When you eat them they make you bounce up and down until you go as purple as a beetroot”

Zachary: “A Funky Fudge. When you eat it Uptown Funk starts playing and you have to dance to it.”

If you had to choose between a chocolate river, bubble gum that can make you fly, or a candy that could put you into a television set, what would you choose?

Darcey: “I would have bubble gum that can make you fly but my brother wouldn’t be allowed because when he tried bubble gum he accidentally swallowed it and its still in his tummy.”

Zachary: “That’s not fair, I still want the bubble gum!”

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