Minimasters review Running Wild on its UK tour

We sent Minimaster Chloe, 8, along with her mum, nan and little sister Charlotte, 4, to watch the stunning Running Wild in Coventry – here’s her review!

“The first thing I thought about Running Wild was how well decorated the stage was – there was loads of detail and it looked like a lot of hard work went into building it.

“The main character in the show is a little girl called Lily who makes friends with an elephant called Una – the elephant is made with really impressive puppetry and looks amazing on stage.

“I thought the first part of the story was sad because it deals with what happens when Lily’s dad dies and the angry, emotional feelings between Lily and her mum about their loss. I felt it was sad to watch because it’s sad to see people fighting, but the actors were very good. I think the girl who played Lily was the best because she had a lot of words to say and had to be happy, sad, angry and scared all at the same time.

“Later the show became a real adventure, with the puppetry creating loads of different animals on the stage. It was so well done that I actually forgot they were puppets at one point – I thought they were just like real life.

“There were also some scary parts, like when the tsunami came and when Lily met the poachers.

“The show was really clever and educational too, because it told people about what happens to the rainforests and what happens to the animals because of greedy people who just want to make money.

“I would definitely tell people to go and see Running Wild because it’s really clever how the scenery is set up and the amazing puppets look so realistic. It’s marvellous to watch and because it makes you feel sad, happy and thoughtful, it’s really powerful.

“Thanks Minimaster!”

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