Minimasters review Aliens Love Underpants at the Dominion theatre

Bethany, aged 6, is this week’s Minimaster on a mission. Find out what she thought of her trip to Aliens Love Underpants here…

I went to see Aliens Love underpants at the Dominion theatre on Tottenham Court Road. I went with my mummy, my friend Jacob and his mummy Hayley. I didn’t know if it would be like the book which I loved, I thought it wouldn’t be but was excited to find out.

Minimasters review Aliens Love Underpants

Me and Jacob on the train to see Aliens love underpants

The show was about a little boy called Timmy, whose underpants kept going missing. It turns out that the Aliens were stealing his underpants and when Timmy caught them in his room about to steal his underpants they accidently took Timmy too! They took Timmy to their planet called Janet. Once on planet Janet they crowned Timmy king and showed him all their famous underpants they had collected. When Timmy got home he told his mum and Veronica from school, but they didn’t believe him.

I have read the book of Aliens Love Underpants and really enjoyed the book, the show is quite different to the book and I was quite surprised to find I enjoyed the show more than the book. The show added bits into it like a scene with a shop and lots of singing and dancing scenes, there was even a school scene in the show!

Minimasters review Aliens Love Underpants

Me and Jacob outside the Dominion theatre

My favourite parts of the show was the bit where they danced in the shop; that was funny. I liked the bit where the teacher went all funny and started dancing. Jacob’s favourite part was when the aliens came on.

I thought the costumes were very good – I would like to try one on myself. My favourite alien was Cryl, he was the green one that was in the shop and I bought him (photo below).

Minimasters review Aliens Love Underpants

This is Cryl who I brought in the shop

I really enjoyed Aliens Love Underpants I will tell all my friends to go and see it because it is a really good show and they will love it.

Aliens Love Underpants is showing at London’s Dominion Theatre until 31 August, book remaining tickets now at

Minimasters review Aliens Love Underpants

Me and Jacob on the stairs inside the Dominion Theatre