Minimaster Heidi reviews Disney On Ice Worlds of Enchantment at The 02

Heidi, aged 5, tells us about her family trip to The O2 to watch Disney On Ice – with an extra special surprise treat too!

I am now back at school but last week while on Christmas holidays I went to see Disney On Ice at The O2 in London with my Mummy, Daddy, and little brother Hector. I have never been to the O2 before and when we got close I couldn’t believe how big it was!

heidi entrance-crop

I have lots of favourite Disney movies and characters, I especially like Frozen, and Toy Story which knew were going to be in the show, but I didn’t know anything else about what was going to happen, and I have never seen anything on ice before. My Daddy took me ice-skating once, but it was really hard so I was really excited to see how the Disney characters would do it. (I knew Elsa would be fine as she can make ice, and also Olaf, but everyone else I wasn’t sure).

Instead of taking the train to London, we drove in the car. As we got closer to London, Daddy and Mummy were telling me to look at all the buildings out of the window and told me to try and spot the O2. When we got there I was quite amazed. I have never been inside such a big building, the 02 was massive. We were really lucky as our seats were very close to the ice rink, and I could see Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie right up close.

donald duck-crop

They started the show and next were the Toy Story toys. Woody and Buzz were amazing skaters, but my favourite was Slinky Dog and Rex the dinosaur as they were really big. The toy soldiers were really fast too and all their skating was together – at the same time and they all looked exactly the same.

The best part of the show was the surprise – The nice lady called Sarah from the ticket office came to my seat and took me right up to the Ice Rink. Then I couldn’t believe it, I got in a submarine with Ariel skating all around me. She is my favourite princess, and I didn’t even know she was going to be there. I loved all of the sea creatures skating around me, and the music was just like the films. I was so lucky to have a go in the submarine, and when I got to school this week I told all my friends about it, and now they all want to go and see Disney On Ice.

We then had a break and I had an Olaf Ice Cream.

ice cream

I love Olaf and Frozen so I couldn’t wait to see them. I even drew a picture of Olaf in Summer before I went, but I forgot to take it with me to give it to him.

heidi olaf picture

The next part of the show was brilliant, and I think my brother really liked it the most. Real cars came onto the ice and drove around really fast, skidding and sliding (but not crashing). Lightning McQueen was really cool as he had fire and lights coming from his wheels.


After the cars I was really excited to see the Frozen show, I wanted to wear my Frozen dress but it was too cold. Anne and Elsa were really good singers, and when they skated around the ice it was really pretty. Elsa’s dress was much prettier than mine and it sparkled a lot. Then it snowed inside and Olaf came onto the ice too. He was really funny skating around and sang my favourite song about summer.

frozen olaf-crop

I really didn’t want the show to end but it seemed like we had been watching for ages and I was very hungry. We had a burger and chips on the way home and I fell asleep in the car. I had a really fun day out and Daddy promised if I was good I could go to Disney On Ice again, and even try some ice skating myself next Christmas. I really love Disney movies, but I like seeing them on ice more and can’t wait to go again.

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