Minimaster Mia reviews The Railway Children at King’s Cross Theatre

Mia, aged 10, tells us about her trip to see The Railway Children, where she also managed to interview actor Shaun Williamson, who plays stationmaster Mr Perks.

I didn’t know what to expect at first because the show isn’t in a normal sort of theatre, it is just like being at a station.

We had seats on “Platform One” and had a great view – the King’s Cross Theatre is great because I think wherever you’d sit you’d be able to see the action really well. The stage is long and thin and because the audience sits on either side of the stage, you can see everything! I thought it was very clever how they kept changing the stage to make it look like you were in different places without having to rely on lots of different scenery and you had to use your imagination to picture where you were.

My favourite part of the show was when the steam train came in: it was awesome and I have never seen anything like it before! I also liked the tunnel scene, when the boy fell over and broke his leg, and the children had to rescue him – it was very exciting – and it was very clever how they made the tunnel appear on stage.

I would really recommend the show as it was a bit different and the acting was very good. I hadn’t read E. Nesbitt’s story before, on which the show is based, but I really enjoyed it and thought it really made the audience feel a whole mix of emotions: it made me feel both happy and sad, and I really wanted to know what would happen next.

I also liked the way the show was interactive. At the beginning Mr Perks even came over and shook hands, and after the show I even got to interview Shaun Williamson who plays him.


Why did you want to be in The Railway Children?

“I loved the film as a kid and this show is very loyal to that iconic film.”

Which is your favourite scene?

“I really like my birthday party scene as it is all about me! It’s a meaty scene, so I can really get into it; I also like the scene where I catch the children stealing coal.”

How long did you spend rehearsing?

“I got the script three weeks before the rehearsals so I could learn all my lines. I then had one week of rehearsals before doing the show. I play My Perks, which is a fun, character part rather than a main role. “

What will you be doing next?

“My next role is as the evil Baron Bomburst in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and I will also be in pantomime at Christmas.”

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