Minimasters meet The Lorax and The Onceler

Find out what happened when Minimasters Carlotta and Lois reviewed and interviewed The Lorax and The Onceler…

Lorax 4

Carlotta Gooding, age 12, tells us what she thought of The Lorax

“The Lorax was really good, much better than I thought it would be. I thought it has a good message which is that you should treasure what you have in nature and don’t destroy the environment as other people and species need to use it too.

My favourite characters were the fish because they were really funny. I also really liked The Lorax because he was funny and quite cool too.

The Onceler’s family was very colour co-ordinated and they had a very funny song at the beginning. I really liked the way The Onceler had glowing eyes and a funny voice at the start and at the end. I also thought that the whisper-ma-phone was a very good invention. Some of the other good inventions that he thought of were cheese socks and tiny magnetic monkeys.

The song when The Onceler’s chair got bigger and bigger was funny especially at the end when it was so exaggerated. I laughed a lot in this show and it was very interesting. It’s definitely for all ages not just for little kids.”

Lorax - Minimaster 3

Here’s what Lois Gooding, age 10, told us about the show…

“The Lorax was a really great show and I enjoyed it loads. My favourite song was the one about The Incredible New Thneed 2.0; I really liked seeing The Thneed on the space hopper and the dancers, especially the one dressed as a banana. My favourite character was The Lorax because I love his moustache. I also love the Truffula trees; I even got a Truffula tree pen. It was amazing the way they did all the puppets and the scenery.

Overall I really enjoyed it and I give it 5 stars. I would recommend it to everyone!

We went before the show to meet The Lorax and The Onceler. It was brilliant to touch the puppet and shake his hand. He felt very strong. His moustache was bigger than my Dad’s whole beard.”

Lorax - Minimaster 1-2

Read their interview with The Lorax:

How old are you?

“As old as the trees, which is very old indeed.”

How long has it taken you to grow that moustache?

“It’s a long work in progress. It used to be down to my belly and sometimes I put baubles in it for decoration at Christmas.”

What’s your favourite tree?

“Truffula. You don’t need to decorate them at Christmas as they are so beautiful already.”

The Lorax

Minimasters Carlotta and Lois also met The Onceler:

What’s your favourite use for a Thneed?

“Wrapped around a space hopper.”

Do you plan to create any inventions to replace all the trees you’ve chopped down?

“I’m 93 at the end of the show and a bit too tired to think up more inventions, but there is hope for the future. I don’t really miss my family up in my tower, they weren’t that nice to me anyway. The person I really miss is The Lorax.”

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