Interview: We chat to Adrian Scarborough about Don Juan in Soho

The much-loved actor Adrian Scarborough is back in the West End starring alongside David Tennant in Patrick Marber’s brilliant comedy, Don Juan in Soho.

The play is loosely based on Molière’s tragicomedy Don Juan – and the modern take, described as savagely funny and filthy, follows Tennant in the lead role alongside Scarborough as Stan and Gawn Grainger as Louis.

We sat down with the Oliver Award-winning actor to find out more about the show.

What’s your favourite thing about the play?

Adrian Scarborough:  There’s a moment where David Tennant and I sing and dance. It never fails to thrill me. He literally takes me in his arms… I melt every time.

Molière seems to be having something of a revival currently with The Miser and now this version of Don Juan. Why do you think his plays and characters are still relevant to modern audiences and he has such a legacy?

AS: The themes and character types in his plays are timeless and universal. He was also a great writer and director and producer who knew that satire and comedy had a great economic value!

What does the play bring to the West End that makes it stand out from other shows currently running?

AS: I think Patrick Marber’s production is unique and unlike anything else currently in the West End. It has classicism yet it’s ultra-modern, it’s hilarious yet profoundly moving, it has an ingenious mix of music, dance and cool style; it has the finest ensemble of actors you will find on a British stage. The leading man is a legend and its two hours and ten minutes long; I’d better book before it’s sold out.

It was World Theatre Day on 27 March and the Olivier Awards are this Sunday, both celebrating what’s great about live theatre. What do you love most about attending and performing in the theatre?

AS: Live performance is simply unbeatable entertainment. It’s right there before your very eyes and each performance is unique. This is definitely the case in our show, as the writer offers up original lines every night depending on the news of the day. We’re as current and incendiary as a Trump Tweet.

What was your first experience of the theatre – either as an actor or an audience member?

AS: As a child I remember seeing Arthur Askey in Pantomime at the Nottingham Theatre Royal and thinking, “I want to do that”.

What is it like working with David Tennant and Patrick Marber?

AS: Thrilling, exacting, intense, agonising and lovely.

Why should people buy a ticket for Don Juan in Soho?

AS: Well, why wouldn’t you? It’s quite rightly the hottest ticket in town. And that opinion is completely prejudiced free.

Don Juan In Soho is now open at the Wyndham’s Theatre. Tickets are available now through