Here’s what you need to know about Beginning

David Eldridge's new play is running now at London's Ambassadors Theatre.

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Following a sold out run at the National Theatre, David Eldridge’s modern take on romance Beginning has now transferred to the West End, running at the Ambassadors Theatre. The production is currently booking until Saturday 24 March 2018.

The plot

Beginning is set in the aftermath of a house party, with Justine Mitchell and Sam Troughton reprising their roles as Laura and Danny, described by The Evening Standard as “the (anti) romance for 21st century London.”

Watching these two tipsy stranger’s interaction will hit a nerve with a huge number of thirty-something year old Londoners. Although the plot may twist and turn in unexpected directions, it’s the connection with reality that maintains the appeal of the story.

The cast

Justine Mitchell and Sam Troughton reprise their National Theatre roles as Laura and Danny. Sam Troughton performs with a beautiful sensitivity. He is emotional yet funny, unassuming yet enticing, and above all else very real. Together he’s a joy to watch unfolding on stage.

He’s matched by Justine Mitchell, making her West End debut in Beginnings.

Meet the cast below:



The show

Walking down the steps of the Ambassadors Theatre to the Stalls, there’s the muffled, bass-heavy tones of a familiar, upbeat song accompanied by distant chattering, the kind of sounds you can expect to hear on approach to a house party. On entry, you’re presented with a stage scattered with empty beer and champagne bottles, Pringle tubes and an array of debris, and it’s the combination of these two things that sets the scene perfectly for Beginning.

The realistic house interior where the contemporary tale unfolds is wonderfully constructed. So much care has been taken to replicate a typical living area with exceptional attention to detail. The audience are transformed into the open plan kitchen/living area with a fully constructed ceiling with ornate lighting fittings, a working kitchen with exceptional lighting emanating from the fridge and oven, and a glimpse into the hallway and flat beyond.

Where and when

Beginning is running at London’s Ambassadors Theatre, in the heart of the West End close to Covent Garden and Leicester Square stations. The play is currently booking up until Saturday 24 March 2018.

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