Playlist: Get in the mood for Bat Out Of Hell – here’s the ultimate Meat Loaf soundtrack

Next June, Jim Steinman’s epic rock’n’roll fantasy Bat Out of Hell is coming to the London Coliseum – and to sweeten up the wait we’ve put together a playlist with all the hits. So get rocking!

In the musical, the eternally young Strat and his wild gang, The Lost, roam the streets of Obsidian, a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, ruled by the wicked and tyrannical Falco.

When Strat first sets eyes on Falco’s daughter Raven, who has been locked away in the palace towers, he sets out to rescue her from her evil father’s clutches in a full-throttle tale of teenage love, youthful rebellion and living the rock’n’roll dream.

So get into gear to take a trip back in time through one of the most iconic and successful albums in history.

  1. Bat Out Of Hell

  1. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)

  1. Heaven Can Wait

  1. All Revved Up With No Place To Go

  1. Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

  1. Paradise By The Dashboard Light

  1. For Crying Out Loud

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