Five super heroes we can’t wait to see in action at Marvel Universe LIVE!

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe first burst onto the silver screen in 2008 with Iron Man, few expected it to transform into the juggernaut it has become. Since then, it has spawned a further 12 movies, with the latest – Captain America: Civil War – opening nationwide today.

What’s more, the MCU has movies mapped out until at least 2019, and is already celebrated as a touchstone for movies, characters and worlds that can both be enjoyed independently or as a cohesive, multi-layered story.

And now the Marvel Universe is going truly LIVE!, with an arena tour across the UK now on sale. Marvel Universe LIVE! Super Heroes Assemble has now added a third batch of extra dates due to incredible demand, and the tour looks set to be epic.

Here we take a look at the five super heroes we can’t wait to see LIVE!

  1. The Hulk


Everyone loves the Hulk. He’s the true muscle of any super hero team-up, helping to smash unimaginable threats with his superhuman strength, endurance and speed. So far, the only images we’ve seen from Marvel Universe LIVE! just show us Bruce Banner, the Hulk’s human alter ego, suggesting that his inevitable transformation into the Green Goliath is likely to be truly special. We’ve got everything crossed for a gigantic, rampaging Hulk moment as he smashes his way across the stage, taking down some evil, pesky villains along the way.

  1. The X-Men


OK, so this is really three-heroes-for-the-price-of-one here, with Cyclops, Storm and Wolverine all joining the line-up of heroes flying into action for Marvel Universe LIVE! What makes this truly exciting though, is that so far on the silver screen a team-up between the Avengers and the X-Men has been impossible, due to some niggling rights issues – and so, to see them fighting alongside each other here, just like in the comics, will truly be a spectacle for Marvel fans of all ages!

  1. Captain Marvel


Carol Danvers (there is she is, back-left in the above cast shot) will officially make her big screen debut in 2019’s Captain Marvel (although, don’t be surprised if she crops up somewhere in the MCU before that). She joins the team here though, and we’re thrilled she’s on the roster – not least because we love a kick-ass female! Captain Marvel’s physical strength is many times that of a normal woman’s, allowing her to lift several tons, and making her body invulnerable to most conventional damage. She can also fly close to the speed of sound, so expect to see her to whizzing across the arena whilst she takes down her fair share of Hydra Agents and the evil Chitauri.

  1. Spider-Man


Spider-Man has long been a favourite for Marvel fans, and Peter Parker’s web-slinger makes for a worthy addition to this list. He’s especially relevant right now, thanks to a deal that was struck over studio rights, finally bringing Spider-Man and the wider heroes of the MCU together on the big screen in Civil War. All this makes Spider-Man’s presence in Marvel Universe LIVE! even more thrilling, and it’s surely guaranteed that seeing him swinging his way across the arena will be a true highlight of this live action adventure.

  1. Captain America


With Steve Rogers bursting back onto the big screen this summer, it would be foolish not to list Captain America as the No.1 hero we’re most excited about seeing live in action – he’s the man of the moment. Driven by justice, truth and honour, he’ll surely be responsible for uniting the heroes in this super special live action adventure. They simply couldn’t do it without him. It’s true; we’re unashamedly #TeamCap.

Who are you excited about seeing?

Tickets for Marvel Universe LIVE! can be bought here. The tour kicks off in September 2016.