Everything you need to know about Sexpo UK 2015

Sexpo, the world’s largest sexual health and lifestyle exhibition, is coming to the UK for the very first time this November.

Naturally, we thought there might be a few questions for the organisers, so we caught up with Sexpo UK Marketing Directior, Nina Saini, to find out what we can expect to see at the London Olympia event. Read the full interview here.

What does your role at Sexpo involve? And what’s the best thing about working at Sexpo?

“My name is Nina and I’m the Marketing Director at Sexpo™ UK. My role involves creating and implementing the marketing strategy, from developing branding, brainstorming advertising concepts, establishing the ways we will communicating the Sexpo™ UK message to our visitors and to the media. I also work very closely with our partners, exploring creative ways in which we can work together to spread the word about Sexpo™ UK. I am also involved in shaping the show, from selecting entertainment to shortlisting seminars to working to with our exhibitors so they too, enjoy and maximise their involvement in the event.

“What I love about working for Sexpo™ UK is the creativity and variety that my role entails. I am also enjoying the input I have in the event. It is not often you get the opportunity of being directly involved in the organisation and content of an event. With the role, I am lucky to meet many wonderful and interesting people, each with their own ideas and experiences surrounding sexuality and relationships. I am always learning something new and…my role is fun! I like going to work!”

What’s the biggest misconception about the event?

“I think some have a preconceived idea that events like Sexpo™ UK are aimed at a particular type of person or that there will be untoward happenings going on, which is totally not the case! With Sexpo™ UK we have intentionally wanted to create a show that covered sexual health and lifestyle whilst being sexually inclusive. Our brilliant media partners Gay Times, Diva, Skin Two, KFS, Cliterati and Paul Raymond Publications reflect this. We also have the NHS John Hunter Clinic for sexual health joining us. They will be offering free sexual health screenings as well the latest information and resources on sexual health…and there’s more! We have an amazing line up of visually colourful and eye-catching entertainment, inspiring and informative seminars and of course, a whole host of things to purchase all under one roof and in a fun, friendly, safe, and judgement free environment. Do take a look at for the latest and most up to date information on the show.”


How are you expecting the British Sexpo audience to differ from the Australian one?

“The Sexpo™ brand originates from Australia has been going for 20 years and it is still going strong. The Sexpo™ shows in Australia and South Africa have welcomed over 2.5 million visitors. 2015 is the first time that Sexpo™ will be flying the flag on British soil and we are super excited to be joining the Sexpo™ family.

With regards to Sexpo™ UK, the show has been specifically created with the British public in mind and that is what makes it unique. We have developed an original format that focuses largely on sexual health and lifestyle, whilst being sexually inclusive.”

For anyone who blushes at the S word, what does the event offer them?

“I’m actually quite shy myself so I understand how attending new shows whatever they may be can be a little nerve-wracking, but there really is no need. The tone of the event is sexual health and lifestyle, something relevant to each of us and all within a relaxed atmosphere. It‘s totally up to our visitors what shows they watch, what seminars they attend and what they buy. It’s their choice and it’s up to them what they would like to explore. We just want them to enjoy the event whether they attend alone, with a partner or with a group of friends.”

What can we expect to see at Sexpo? And which performances can’t we miss?

“You can expect to see a colourful array of dazzling and breath-taking entertainment on our main stage. We have sparkling glamour, impressive acrobatics, comedy to make you laugh out loud, rock and roll, dramatic flames and there’s some flesh. I am bias, but all our performances are unmissable. I’ll be watching them every day at the show and I’ve already seen them. You seriously cannot take your eyes off all our stage artistes.

“But to give you a little teaser…we have the UK’s hottest male strip act The Dreamboys®, the UK’s number one burlesque performer Aurora Galore, the sexy all-female fire welding dance troupe Pyrohex, the loveable comedy cabaret rock and roll act Rayguns Look Real Enough, the outrageous neo burlesque act Lolo Brown to name a few! To see the full list, take a look at”

Who can we expect to see attending Sexpo?

“People from all walks of life, whatever their sexual preferences or lifestyle enjoying themselves.”

What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever seen at the event?

“It’s difficult to say, some things might appear bold to one person but not another. Some of our visitors can be quite creative in what they wear, which we welcome! All I can say, is to visit Sexpo™ UK and check it out for yourself.”

Sexpo UK will take over London Olympia between 13 – 15 November 2015, book now at