Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015: Sarah Callaghan

Discovering new talent is one of the most exciting parts of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Some of the most loved comedians in the UK and around the world, such as Steve Coogan, Harry Hill, Sarah Millican and many more, started their careers by taking shows to the Edinburgh Festival.

Sarah Callaghan is a truly special talent. Elephant, Callaghan’s debut hour, is a show all about ambition rooted in the stresses and insecurities of peers and society that can often hold one back from fulfilling their potential. In particular, Callaghan shares the frustrations she has in her personal life along with those she has with people who conform to what is supposedly expected of them, even if they are capable of so much more.

Sarah Callaghan Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

Callaghan’s comedy is fresh, raw and honest with a sensitive vulnerability that lies at the heart of her humour and an outstanding passion committed to every line and moment of laughter – it’s full of attitude and is hugely funny.

Having recently made her debut on E4’s Virtually Famous (the youngest female stand-up comedian to be featured on a panel show in the UK!), Callaghan invited audiences to have a tiny taste of what she is all about. But if you really want to know why Callaghan is one of the most original and unique comedians in the UK then a ticket to see her show in Edinburgh is a great place to start.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe:
Show: Sarah Callaghan, Elephant
Venue: Pleasance Courtyard
Time: 17:50 (1 hour)
Dates: 5 – 30 August

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