Ed Harris set to make his West End debut in Buried Child

Multi award-winning international star Ed Harris will appear on the West End stage for the first time in the critically acclaimed Broadway production of Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Buried Child

Set in 1979 rural America, as it reels from a recession and political unrest, Buried Child is a dark, macabre and painfully funny family drama that is as relevant now as it was during its first run almost 40 years ago.

Ed Harris – the five-time Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner – is a giant of the America film industry, but his role in this production of Buried Child marks his West End debut. His on-screen credits include roles in the Ron Howard classic Apollo 13, action-thriller The Rock alongside Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery, and amazing dramas such as The Truman Show, Oscar-winner The Hours and Stepmom.

He’ll be joined on stage in Buried Child by Golden Globe winner and Emmy-nominated star Amy Madigan.

Buried Child Prod

Buried Child tells the story of Dodge (Harris) and Halie (Madigan), barely hanging on to their farmland and their sanity while looking after their two wayward grown sons. When their grandson Vince arrives with his girlfriend, no one seems to recognise him, and confusion abounds.

As Vince tries to make sense of the chaos, the rest of the family dances around a deep, dark secret. This wildly poetic and cuttingly funny take on the American family drama gleefully pulls apart the threadbare deluded visions of our families and our homes; The New York Times called it “an American gothic masterwork”.

Written by Sam Shepard, one of greatest and most significant American playwrights of his generation, the new production at Trafalgar Studios arrives in London courtesy of the same creative team who brought us the smash-hit sold-out run Jesse Eisenberg’s The Spoils earlier this year.

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