Review: Cover My Tracks perfectly blends gig & theatre

Charlie Fink's adventure into the world of theatre has produced a gripping must-see show at The Old Vic.

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How do you get a gig-going audience to attend a theatre show? You put on a play about a singer-songwriter and let Charlie Fink write music and lyrics for it. The Old Vic will host Cover My Tracks until the end of this week (so don’t miss it!) and we went to see it for ourselves.

In an interconnected, digital world, what does it take to disappear? Former Noah and the Whale frontman and songwriter Charlie Fink, multi-award-winning playwright David Greig and director Max Webster bring us the tale of an idealistic young songwriter who sets out to write a 21st century pop masterpiece and vanishes without a trace. Might his personal songbook be the key to unlocking the mystery?

But there’s more to the story. The suicidal musician and his friend take us into a dark world of fame and misfortune that reflect current society in a way we may not always want to see. Fleeting fame and the constant chasing of new highs and successes leave this pair in a web of battling mental health – and having someone by your side to help you through your troubles is what’s needed the most. The depiction of these themes comes with a dash of wry humour.

The gripping storytelling of Sarah, portrayed by Jade Anouka, takes us on a rollercoaster ride of her friendship/relationship with singer-songwriter Frank. She’s accompanied by a much more idle contrast of Charlie Fink’s guitar strumming to underline the narrative. Hues of Bob Dylan and Alex Turner add to the believability of Fink’s character, and left us wanting to listen to his debut album over and over again.

Don’t miss your chance to catch Cover My Tracks before it closes this Saturday. Tickets are available via