Cardinal Burns: cult comedy duo set to take on the UK

The transition between live comedy and television can be tough; editing out material that might not work in the mainstream but still intending on keeping the integrity you have as a performer that made you an investment worth broadcasting is a balance needing careful attention. This can be particularly difficult for sketch comedy.

Cardinal Burns had their first series on E4 in 2012 and this year their second series was broadcast on Channel 4, making them the first sketch duo to transfer channels in over 10 years. I loved their second series as much as the first and found, if anything, it had become more cinematic, perhaps echoing back to their film school days (where Seb and Dustin met!).

They are now embarking on a national tour around the U.K. Their show is full of some of the classics from the TV series but also lots of new additions that you can add to the collection. There’s a simplicity to their style that makes the show hugely accessible, a combination of accents and languages, storyline and personality that offers something for everyone with each character they perform.

But whilst it might seem simple, it’s not frivolous. In fact, it’s often layered with a darker and more complex foundation, exploring a conflict with such imagination and originality that it only adds to the humour in each sketch and reminds you how talented they are as both writers and performers. This is all rooted in a skill where their connection between each other on stage as well as with the audience is so strong it can seem electric.

Regardless of the technique that goes into creating comedy, as an audience, you’re looking to watch something funny. And Cardinal Burns have plenty to make you laugh. And I mean really laugh. Listen to my interview with them below:

Tickets for the Cardinal Burns tour are available from here.

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