Things we’ve learned from the Para Athletics

The World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 were a stunning addition to the UK calendar.

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As part of a summer of exciting athletics events, the World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 descended on the breath-taking London Stadium at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We headed down early on to find out what the event had in store.

The atmosphere is electric

Stadiums are exciting. It’s that simple. There’s nothing quite like walking from the concourse and letting the vast setting unfold as you look out over the field. The roar of the crowd is thunderous too. It’s enough to set those hairs on the back of your neck on end throughout. It helps that the action is, of course, incredibly captivating too.

The fans are definitely rooting for the athletes

The camera pans down the participating athletes, waiting with baited breath at the start line of today’s races. Every fan has their favourite. The biggest roar is reserved for the British athletes, competing on their home turf. But that doesn’t stop you being able to pick your own to root for. There are inspiring stories behind each of them.

There’s plenty more than just sport

The athletes take centre stage, but there’s plenty more to help that party spirit. There are bars for the adults, and activities for the kids. The distinctive mascot Whizbee is on hand to entertain all. Then there’s various special cams to smile at, from “dab cam” (get those dabs ready), to the hilarious “oblivious cam”. Don’t be caught looking at your phone.

The best of the best are raring to go

The emotion is intense. These are the absolutely crème of the crop. As the announcer says: “They’ve been working their whole lives for this”. It shows. Whether it’s a heart-breaking disqualification or a breath-taking win, you’ll be right there with the absolute best from across the globe.

There’s so much to see

One of the best things about athletics, for both the diehard and casual fan, is the sheer variety on offer. There’s never a dull moment on the field, as triple jump merges into the 100-metre sprint, or the shot-put leads into the 4×100 metres relay. It’s all there right in front of you, from the vantage point of your own seat. What events you experience is simply down to where you look.

There’s more to find out

Not an expert in Para Athletics? Don’t worry. The announcers have you covered, explaining each and every event, and the associated classifications. They also guide you through the action once the starting gun has fired. You’ll never miss a beat, and you’ll be an expert by the end of any session.

We want to drive remote control cars

You might know of them already, those little vehicles driving out into the field to pick up the shot-put and discus. Those guys holding the controls might look serious, but they are not fooling us. Is that the best job in the world? Probably.

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