Ten things only tennis fans can relate to

With Champions Tennis 2015 fast approaching, we round up those all-too-familiar moments only tennis fans can relate to. It’s more than just scoffing strawberries and cream, y’know!

1. Knowing that the longest rally in tournament play was a whopping 643 times. Snacks required.

2. That, and the longest tennis match in history lasted for 11 hours and five minutes. We’re going to avoid calculating the number of toilet breaks resulted by this.

3. Sure, watching Wimbledon outside with a glass of Pimms sounds delightful, but the inevitable sunburn is less so.

Tennis gif

4. Screaming instructions at the TV proves far easier than signing up to your local tennis club each and every season.

5. Cheering your favourite player is all well and good, but there’s nothing like a fierce rally to build up the atmosphere in the crowd.

6. Quiet means quiet. As one of the most deeply-rooted traditions in tennis, heckling the opponent or causing a distraction by cheering is just not cool. So don’t do it. Ever.

7. How CAN we justify the daily glass of Prosecco once Wimbledon is over?

Tennis gif

8. Tennis tan lines will never not be funny. 24/7 T-shirt, anyone?

9. You don’t know stress until you’re watching a tiebreaker on a third set.

10. Miracles do happen, especially when the ball hits the net and bounces over unexpectedly. Nawwh.

Champions Tennis 2015 hits the Royal Albert Hall between 2 – 6 December, book now at