Review: Why WWE SmackDown at The O2 was more fun than most other things

I go to a LOT of gigs. I also go to the theatre as regularly as I can. Last month though, my excitement for live entertainment was fuelled solely by WWE.

This trip to WWE SmackDown also marked my first venture inside The O2, London. A long overdue visit for someone who spends 90 per cent of their time at gigs, but alas. It’s big, as I’d suspected, but more intimate than I’d anticipated.

Despite the lack of foam fingers, everything that encompassed my live WWE experience was exactly how I’d imagined.

Loud, energetic and full of like-minded folk.


Who goes to WWE? Here, it’s everything from families and couples, to rowdy gangs of friends. I’d taken along a friend who watches WWE way more regularly than I do, and he seemed to lap up the live atmosphere in much the same way.

After a late night of WrestleMania 31, I was pretty up to date with the latest storylines. John Cena was the man (and way more than when I watched it during the Stone Cold era), drama just follows Rusev (his own fault, boo!), The Big Show was having a strop, and Daniel Bryan has the best chant this side of The Rock’s reign.


In case you thought there was no room for shyness and subtlety when at the wrestling, you’d be wrong.

The shouty sofa-watcher that encompasses me at home was feeling a little less confident in the confines of The O2. Luckily we were seated by a woman who was far more accustomed to shouting expletives towards the ring; which suited me just fine. I supported (most of) her wails and she didn’t judge me for not joining in.

Sometimes it takes stepping outside of your usual routine to discover an event that ignites something new inside you.

Like fun? Then you’ll probably find something about WWE live that you love.

Yes, yes, yes!

Daniel Bryan chant