Minimaster gets revved up for fun and eye-popping excitement at Monster Jam

We sent Minimaster Heidi to see Monster Jam, the most action-packed live event on four wheels, when it took over Cardiff’s Principality Stadium last weekend.

She not only watched all the racing and high-flying stunts at the show, but she also got to check out some of the world’s most famous Monster Jam trucks (and eat chocolate!) at the Party in the Pits event beforehand.

Here Heidi tells us about her experience:

When I first signed up to Minimasters I never thought that I would have the chance to go and see a live monster truck show. I thought that it would be a unique event to attend and would be something different to what I would normally opt for. But I have to say that it was an amazing and insightful show to watch.

When we arrived at the stadium we first went into the party in the pits where we could get autographs and pictures with the truck drivers. You could also take a picture with the monster trucks. My favourite truck must have been Madusa because it was all pink and the driver was a girl so I felt feminine power! The floor was made of this mud-like substance so the trucks could move around easier. Cadbury had a special truck there which had two stalls by it that was full of chocolate! We were given some bars to try and they were delicious.

Heidi Charlton at the Party in the Pits

The monster truck show consisted of four rounds of racing, a mini motorbike show and the freestyle round. I enjoyed the racing because you could see how fast these trucks can actually go. The motorcycle show had lots of specially designed motorbikes driving off this massive ramp into the air. I liked this because they were doing really cool tricks like handstands, loop the loops and lots of breathtaking moves. When that was done the freestyle round was next and that was my favourite part. You could see all the trucks showing off these amazing tricks like wheelies, gigantic jumps that went over objects and flips off a wall – it was an amazing experience.

Our minimaster views the action at Monster Jam

It was really loud, though, that you couldn’t hear each other, even shouting! The atmosphere was incredible and everyone was having the best time ever. It was a great opportunity to see an unusual and quirky event. It is great for all ages and a day to remember.

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