Over 2.3million tickets requested for Glasgow 2014 – but what happens next?

Organisers of Scotland’s biggest ever multi-sport event, Commonwealth Games 2014, taking place next summer have announced that they have received over 2.3 million requests for tickets from sports fans.

The overwhelming demand for tickets already confirms Glasgow 2014 as one of the most popular events in Scotland’s history.

The bumper figure was revealed shortly after the four-week window closed on Monday night (16September) and thanked members of the public for their fantastic response and interest in attending the 17 sports on offer across 11 days of elite competition.

If you have applied for tickets and are wondering what happens next, we answer your most frequently asked questions below.

The ticket window has closed, what happens now?

Glasgow 2014 and Ticketmaster will begin sorting the hundreds of thousands of applications that have been made online and by post. Where sessions have been oversubscribed (more applications received than tickets available) tickets will be allocated by a fair and simple draw.

How and when will people find out if their application is successful?

Accounts will begin to be debited between 30 September – 7 October. Successful applicants will be notified prior to payment being taken, starting from 30 September.

If they receive tickets for one session and change their mind, can they substitute them for another?
If customers are successful with their ticket applications, they will be charged for the tickets they have applied for. These cannot be returned or substituted for another session.

What happens with unsold tickets? When will these go back on sale?

Glasgow 2014 expects any remaining unsold tickets to go on sale in mid-October. Those who have previously applied for tickets will then get a second chance to buy any remaining unsold tickets before they are put on general sale to the public.

Are there any free tickets?

No, Glasgow 2014 is committed to ensuring that sessions are accessible, tickets are affordable and venues are full with sports fans.  It is also our policy to ensure we operate an open, accessible and fair ticketing process.

Are there any free events?

There will be a number of events that generally do not require tickets: Athletics – Marathon, Cycling – Road Race, Cycling – Time Trial and areas of the Triathlon course however some viewing areas will be ticketed and these are indicated in the full competition schedule.