Aaron Chalmers prepares for Bellator Newcastle

We catch up with the undefeated fighter ahead of the Saturday 9 February event.

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On Saturday 9 February 2019, mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Aaron Chalmers returns to take on Corey Browning at Bellator Newcastle. Situated on the main card, the pair join the top billed match-up between Pitbull and Ryan Scope.

Chalmers, who rose to fame on Geordie Shore, has left reality TV behind him, establishing himself as one of the best fighters – currently boasting an undefeated record. His appeal continues to grow, with viewing figures rivalling the biggest names in the sport, yet he still faces scepticism from his fellow fighters who believe him to have had an easy ride.

“F**k them,” Chalmers says in response. “As long as my life is good, I don’t care what they think!”

Bellator 200: Backstage - Aaron Chalmers


“I went down this path because it was something that I’ve always wanted to do,” Chalmers says of his MMA career to date. “I’ve spoken to so many fighters past and present, they all say the same thing – MMA is one of those things that really gets a hold of you, the more you do it the more you love it. I love everything about it, especially the training, learning and testing myself against the best on a daily basis. So I have to say that I’m loving life at the minute.”

This passion has seen Aaron Chalmers sign a deal with Bellator, something he says has been the goal from the beginning. “The plan was always to get to Bellator, but it ended up happening a hell of a lot sooner than we expected. When I was fighting with Bamma I thought it might be several years down the line but as soon as Bellator came in for me, it was a no brainer, I had to grab my opportunity.”

Despite the controversy of his position in the MMA world, Chalmers continues to grow from strength to strength. Not one to hold back, he switched his fight against Baby Slice to take on Corey Browning after Browning defeated Slice. Determined to take on the best, he now faces a fighter with five years more experience and more than 20 fights to his name.

Training in Birmingham with UFC figher Leon Edwards’ brother Fabian – also appearing on the Newcastle Bellator card – Chalmers has also taken his expertise to the podcast world. Teaming up with journalist Gareth A Davies, Aaron And Gareth 60 Minutes delves into MMA, Boxing and WWE each week.

So what is it that has got Aaron Chalmers to this point?

“It’s funny, I know that my hard work, my training team and supporters are all massive reasons, but I have to say that all the haters really help me too,” he admits. “I get a lot of stick online but what they don’t realise is the more the hate on me, the more it puts my name out there. So whether you like me or not, you’re still putting my name out there and helping promote my fights, so go ahead and hate as much as you want.”

In December 2017, we met up with Aaron Chalmers before his appearance for BAMMA in Newcastle to chat about his initial entry into the sport. Travel back in time in our video below:

We chat to Aaron Chalmers about Mixed Martial Arts


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