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All you need to know about Dinosaurs In The Wild

Take a brilliant journey back in time.

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Now open on the Greenwich Peninsula, Dinosaurs In The Wild takes fans back in time to the Late Cretaceous Period to come face-to-face with the ancient beasts. The unique experience takes fans up close and personal with a range of dinosaurs, including the Tyrannosaurus, Alamosaurus and Triceratops.

Offering an immersive experience lasting around ninety minutes, here’s what you need to know about the brilliant Dinosaurs In The Wild.

The story

Fans join Chronotex Enterprises at the TimeBase 67 research station as they study the prehistoric world, taking visitors back in time on an off-road adventure through the world of dinosaurs. Guided by enthusiastic Chronotex staff members, the group witnesses the beasts firsthand, from exiting the time machine, through the windows of an all-terrain vehicle, to the lookout post with a vantage point of the entire terrain. In between, visitors are guided through exploratory laboratories, hatcheries, and even a “real life” dinosaur autopsy.

The experience

The Late Cretaceous Period is brought to life through a variety of special and visual effects. Visitors are advised to wear “safety goggles” at various times, which bring the majestic creatures and outside world to beautifully realised life. Scenes unfold all around, with stunned onlookers free to choose where to place their attention and when. Incredibly realistic animatronic dinosaurs are also on hand, both in the animal holding rooms and the hatcheries, the latter of which provides some of the adventure’s biggest surprises.

The attention to detail

The whole experience isn’t just about the dinosaurs themselves. Each area of the time-travelling adventure is beautifully crafted and incredibly well thought through. From the vials of unidentified liquids in the lab, to the rustic, animalistic styling of the holding rooms, it’s impossible not to feel like you’ve been transported to another world. The guides, scientists, doctors, technicians and safety experts all fall into their roles perfectly, never dropping out of character, especially as the adventure intensifies.

The danger

It’s not all plain sailing. As visitors are made aware of from the start, dinosaurs are powerful animals. “Remember,” we are reminded, “if you can see a dinosaur, they have already seen you.” Dinosaurs In The Wild plays off this perfectly. There’s an eerie bubbling danger throughout the trip. They run over cars, inspect visitors quizzically, and become restless in their occasional captivity.

The excitement

Dinosaurs In The Wild is far from just family activity. The thrill, attention to detail, and carefully constructed world are enough to capture anybody’s imagination. It’s visually stunning, and ferociously fun, regardless of whether you’re bringing on the little’uns or suspending your belief as a big kid. The brilliant world, filled with a mixture of wonder and danger, is an experience unlike any other, appropriate for all.

The logistics

Dinosaurs In The Wild is booking until the end of July 2018. The experience takes place on London’s Greenwich Peninsula, a short walk from The O2. The closest underground station is North Greenwich, with public buses available from the station to Dinosaurs In The Wild if preferred.

The experience opens at 9:30AM with plenty of time slots available throughout the day. Dinosaurs In The Wild lasts for around 70 minutes, although visitors are asked to plan for 90.

Experience Dinosaurs In The Wild for yourself at London’s Greenwich Peninsula. Tickets are available through