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Celebrate Halloween with our top five moments in Jaws

Classic summer blockbuster thriller Jaws is going on tour next year – with a live orchestra performing the iconic score.

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To celebrate – and to kick-start your Halloween weekend – we’ve picked our top five scariest moments form the original movie. Take a look!

The First Attack
The first attack in Jaws is full of classic horror movie drama: its dark and moody, piles on the tension by never really showing what’s behind the terror and really plays on our fears of open water.

Alex Kintner’s death
Let’s be honest, seeing a child die is just uncomfortable viewing and Alex Kitner’s death is both bloody and wholly unexpected. It’s an iconic moment.

“He’s gone under the boat”
Sure, this is exactly what you want to hear when you’re chasing a giant great white shark across the ocean. It’s a nail-biting moment of tension that’s perfectly show and handled.

Quint is devoured
Finally we see Jaws in all his glory. And it’s TERRIFYING. Quint meets a bloody end in a moment that is pure hands-over-your-eyes scary

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat”
One of the most famous lines in cinema history, this moment isn’t scary in the traditional horror movie sense but the look on Brody’s face when he gets a glimpse of the monster they’re facing is pure terror-inducing.

What other moments have we missed? Let us know over on Twitter. Tickets for Jaws in Concert are on sale now. Get yours via Ticketmaster.co.uk