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So you think you can code? We join the world’s largest hackathon for teens

Today’s coders are tomorrows CEO’s.

Ticketmaster is passionate about investing in the future tech superstars of tomorrow and jumped at the opportunity to join the Festival of Code 2015 last week. The event was founded in 2009 by Young Rewired State to get young coding masterminds out of their bedrooms and into a social environment to create amazing things with like minded peers.


Ticketmaster London HQ opened its doors to 11 eager young coders from across the UK aged 12-18 for a week-long hackathon. These whiz kids quickly got to work creating apps to revolutionise the world we live in – their dedication, team work and talent astounded us all, especially our Ticketmaster tech folk!

HTML, Python, Scratch, JavaScript, CSS, APIs were the buzzwords ringing throughout the office all week long – these young tech sensations definitely taught us a thing or two about the coding world.

But the kids weren’t just all about coding; we quickly learnt they also loved to rap, to dance, practice martial arts, their beloved football teams and even building robots and rockets in their spare time (!!!).


The week culminated in a weekend showcase with 1200 young coders from around the country descending on Birmingham’s ICC to present their apps to each other and a panel of judges including Mike Butcher from TechCrunch. From the glow of hundreds of laptops to the clatter of keys frantically tapping away – there was an undeniable energy in the room. Without a doubt the next Jobs, Zuckerberg and Gates were somewhere in the room coding away.

Two of Ticketmaster’s teams made it through to the semi finals with their apps The Fridge Thing and Satt-lite, a massive achievement in such brilliant company! You can check out all of the winning apps here.

They coded.

They laughed.

They ate a lot of pizza.

They formed life-long friendships.

We can’t wait to do it all again next year, bring on Festival of Code 2016!

Register your interest for the next Festival of Code here.

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