Inside Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes

We were lucky enough to visit the much anticipated return of the Nathan Sawar project, Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes.

Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes is a comic fan’s dream, from the venue itself, plastered head to toe with images from the legendary publications. (You won’t struggle finding the location). Fittingly, we are greeted by Batman, unfortunately not a permanent part of the exhibition but definitely a welcome temporary addition.

A very lifelike yet perfectly fantastical Joker awaits, which offers an early picture opportunity. Obviously he’s ideal for those instant Instagram likes… and yes, we did just that.

As we make our way around the exhibition, we’re transported into every corner of DC comics, showcasing some of the major super heroes from Superman to Batman. It really must be seen to be believed, especially a whole host of characters that might take some by surprise.

There are so many pieces to choose from that identifying a favourite might prove difficult. A late highlight is undisputedly the jaw-dropping BAT CAVE (seriously, wow) which contains – you’ve guessed it – a LEGO batmobile. Rumoured to be made from half a million bricks alone, this beast is very impressive. Spot our pic below.

Experience the magic yourself at The Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes exhibition. It’s open now, with tickets available through