Cardi B drops collaboration with Kanye West and Lil Durk

The rapper revealed she's been sitting on ‘Hot S***’ for three years

Cardi B has dropped her first solo release since 2021’s ‘Bet It’. After a string of features, she’s unveiled the newest track from her upcoming and as-yet-unnamed album. ‘Hot S***’, which features Kanye West and Lil Durk and was produced by hip-hop heavyweight Tay Keith, hit the internet today (1 July).

Cardi revealed she had been sitting on the track for three years, saying: “I think this record is actually older than ‘WAP.’ It is everyone’s favourite.”

Prior to the song’s release, Cardi took to Instagram Live to express her frustrations with how the track was “executed”, stating that although she agreed to drop the song, she was refusing to make a music video for it.

“I’m just so overwhelmed and so upset,” she told her fans. “A lot of people have been dropping the ball for the last two months, there has been a lot of miscommunication.

“So I wanted to cancel my release for this week because s*** is not being executed how it’s supposed to. But then I’m like, it’s too drastic. So I will be dropping the song but I will not be releasing a music video with this song.

“I’m just exhausted with everybody. I’m so tired of people not doing their f****** job correctly.”

Listen to the track here:

Cardi B - Hot Shit feat. Kanye West & Lil Durk [Official Audio]

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